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When I lived in downtown Charleston, I loved it when my walks took me by Vickery’s……or anywhere in the near vicinity of Vickery’s, for that matter. You could smell the enticing aroma of grilling-up burgers from blocks away (oh yum!). I’m not even a huge meat fan, but there was something about those burgers that tintillated my nose-buds! Alas, the downtown Vickery’s is now closed. But don’t be too sad. The Vickery’s Shem Creek Bar & Grill over in Mt. P. is alive and well and grilling up those same aromatic burgers.

Richard and I headed out across the bridge today to the Vickery’s at Shem Creek. I have some interesting memories of this particular Vickery’s. Several years ago, on a rain-filled and hurricane-threatening day, a drenched Richard and I sat inside this restaurant watching the ominous storm clouds through their big windows. Of course, once our burgers arrived the possible hurricane didn’t hold much interest (and indeed, those threatening clouds and winds eventually fizzled out). But today, we had only “boring” blue skies and sun and pretty Shem Creek to admire from our comfy inside booth. And we weren’t alone – plenty of other peeps had the same idea. Vickery’s is obviously a popular place for a leisurely Saturday lunch with a view.

Of course, Richard had to get the burger (a bacon swiss burger, to be exact), and he sure ate that thing up (along with the fries he ordered). The burger arrived with that same wonderful and familiar aroma, and it disappeared quickly from his plate. Richard said that the burger was “very good” and the fries were “better than average.” I wasn’t sure I could eat an entire half-pound o’burger, so I just vicariously had the burger through sight and smell. Instead of a meaty half-pounder, I ordered up an appetizer version of the spicy black bean cake with sauteed spinach, salsa, and sour cream. This was a very tasty dish (and just the right size for someone like me who was……you guessed it…..saving room for dessert). The black bean cake had just the right amount of spice, and the accompaniments on the plate complimented it nicely.

After all that burger, Richard had no room for dessert. But me – hey, I didn’t order that black bean cake for nothin’. Bring on the dessert! Our friendly and efficient server provided us with her recommendation for the apple crisp, so apple crisp it was. It seemed a bit of an odd dessert to order on a hot summer day (I think of it as more of a fall/winter dessert), but I decided to go with it. And I was not disappointed. The crisp was served nice and hot with plenty of good, tender apples, and the scoop of ice cream added great temperature and texture contrast (and it tasted darn delicious, too!).

Vickery’s isn’t a gourmet place, but it’s got a beautiful and good, solid food choices. There are even some Caribbean offerings on the menu (the jerk chicken was calling my name – maybe next time!). And I must say – service was excellent. I love a server who brings me the check as soon as I ask for it (THANK YOU, server, and for that you got a bigger tip!!!!). For a wonderful Shem Creek view and a tasty meal inside or out, head to Vickery’s. And for some added fun – take a close look at that creek while you eat. You might just see a dolphin swim by!
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