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Tom’s Folk Cafe

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It’s funkalicious! That’s what Richard said about Tom’s Folk Cafe, and I have to agree with him. It was mmmm, mmmm good. We’d been waiting for a chance to go to Tom’s since it opened a while back, and when the opportunity finally arrived it was well worth the wait.

Tom’s is located in a neat little house near UTEP. It has only about six tables as well as some patio seating, and we went at an off-time to be sure to snap a spot. Even at our off-time, there were quite a few other customers there enjoying Tom’s cuisine.

The staff we met were all super-friendly, including our server who did just fine throughout our meal (unfortunately, I didn’t catch her name). We also enjoyed the music and the laid-back, enjoyable vibe of the place.

We started with a malbec off the wines-by-the-glass list. Then we started making tough choices. The menu items at Tom’s were so tempting – so many good things to choose from! In the end, Richard asked for the Tom’s Fried Chicken (Buttermilk Marinated Chicken Breast with Andouille Gravy, Sweet Potato Mash, and Asparagus) and I got the Winter Vegetable Dumplings (Medley of Pumpkin, Beet, and Sweet Potato Dumplings with Roasted Hazelnut Butter and Red Wine Sauteed Vegetable).

Having lived in South Carolina for a long time, Richard has had some fine fried chick in his day. This one was a little different than what he was used to, being a chicken breast covered with yummy gravy. He commented that he’s never eaten fried chicken with a fork! But oh, he loved that chicken. He loved the spiciness of it and didn’t leave a single bite. He’s not as big a fan of sweet taters and asparagus so didn’t eat every bite of those, but they sure looked tasty from where I sat.

As for me, I was busy eating my own de-licious meal. I was not quite sure what to expect from this entree, but it definitely did not disappoint. In fact, it was right up my alley. The dumplings were oh-so-good and served with one of my favorite vegetables: brussels sprouts. Although meatless, this was one hearty meal and I ate every bit of it.

Dessert time! Our server had Richard at red velvet brownie, and she had me at donut bread pudding. Oh my…..these were good! Richard’s brownie came with peaches and berries. My donut bread pudding was served on top of what appeared to be a creamy sauce (perhaps an Anglaise) and topped with crunchy almonds. These were truly some fine desserts.

Tom’s Folk Cafe reminded us of two of our fave funky restaurants back in Charleston, SC. We loved the atmosphere and the food (which was all nicely presented and oh-so-nice tasting). There were a lot of other tempting things to try on that menu, so we’ll definitely be making a return visit (or visits).

Tom’s Folk Cafe is located on the westside at 204 Boston Ave El Paso, TX 79902

Foodiesmash – you need to check this place out!

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2 Responses to Tom’s Folk Cafe

  1. Ashlee says:

    That sounds really great,I will definitely check it out soon! The cuisine sounds like it will remind me of home in the Midwest!

  2. Becky says:

    Lisa, I was wondering about this place, and it sounds like they have some pretty tasty food. I’m loving your El Paso food adventures! From your former co-worker, Becky. :)

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