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The Snap’en Dog Food Truck

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OK guys, here is my very first food review! I heard about the Snap’en Dog Food Truck from the Hello BBQ folks. Snap’en was going to take over Hello’s usual place in West Ashley for the day today so I just knew where I’d be having lunch.

Now Lisa won’t even touch a hot dog, but I am something of an expert on hot dogs. I have had all kinds of hot dogs all over the world but there is only one kind that I consider to be the standard by which all others are judged – the New York Sabrett from a push cart. This hot dog only is to be eaten one way – with mustard and sauerkraut. And the mustard had better be spicy brown. Seriously, is yellow mustard even mustard at all?

When I arrived at the Snap’en Dog food truck I was a bit taken aback by how incredibly clean it was. I mean this truck is shining, inside and out. There is even hand sanitizer at the ordering counter. Being from Brooklyn, yo, I have no fear of silly things like germs, dirt etc so I wondered just how genuine these dogs could be.

I went for a combo – 2 New Yorkers, red skin potato salad, and a root beer (sadly they did not have Dr. Browns Cream which is the only real soda in the world – hint hint). My meal was nicely boxed up and I carried it over to one of the picnic tables that were set up next to the truck. As soon as I opened the box containing the dogs, my throat constricted and my sailvary glands actually hurt – the aroma was straight off a street corner in Brooklyn, yo! I swear I’m not lying – these dogs were straight out of a NYC hotdog cart! Except for the buns which were actually fresh (unheard of in NYC).

My 2 New Yorkers disappeared in under 45 seconds. I only ate them that slowly because I wanted to savor the exquisite tastes and textures of my beloved Brooklyn, yo! The red skin potato salad was also delicious with the earthy taste of the potatoes coming through beautifully.

This delicious meal cried out for dessert so I went back to the order window and asked for 2 additional New Yorkers. Had it not been so hot outside I probably would have had a total of 6 instead of just 4.

If you’re from Brooklyn, yo, or even one of those outer boroughs (that I can never remember the names of), you must track down this truck and get some real hot dogs. If you’re not from New York, you need to eat here even more to see what you have been missing for your whole life!

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