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The Jekyll Island Club

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The Jekyll Island Club is a beautiful oasis on the Georgia Coast, frequented by high-caliber peeps like the Vanderbilts, the Astors, the Rockefellers……..and Richard and me!!! It’s not hard to see why this place was once the haunt of the world’s wealthy. The oak trees on property are huge, stately, and heavily draped with Spanish moss. The buildings are historic and lovely. The waterfront is alluring. Hey, what’s not to like?

Richard and I have spent several holidays at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. This destination provides Southern charm and hospitality at its very best. We recently met up with one of Richard’s friends at the JIC (as we now call it). Richard’s pal had never even stepped foot in Georgia before, and this was a fine introduction for him.

The Grand Dining Room at the JIC lives up to its name. It is filled with columns, pretty tables and place settings, and just downright Southern elegance. Our recent dinner there was wonderful, with the food and service the best we’ve ever experienced at the JIC. There are plenty of fish and seafood choices on the menu, to take advantage of the local catch. Richard’s friend couldn’t resist ordering the baked escargot and the shrimp and grits. He sure cleaned his plate (using the manners required in a fine establishment like this, of course!). Richard and I are not as much into the flavors o’ the sea, so we focused on land-based offerings. I had a nice house salad, followed by a delicious roasted chicken strudel with buttermilk mashed potatoes. Richard loves duck (as much as he loves hog dogs!), so he turned his dinner into “duck two ways.” He had smoked duck salad to start, and slow seared duck breast with rice pilaf for his entree. He gave it an all thumbs up! We also just had to get dessert (but of course!), after being tempted with an overflowing tray of excellent-looking treats. Richard had a chocolate and vanilla tart, while I had a macadamia nut tart (Richard’s friend somehow was able to “just say no” to the dessert tray. I do not understand). Both of our desserts were oh-so-well-worth the calories and fat grams involved.

I can highly recommend the JIC – both the Hotel and the Grand Dining Room. The JIC is just Southern-ness at its finest. Oh yes!

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