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We’d had our eye on SuZu for a while. SuZu opened up a little while back in a strip mall not far from where we live on the Westside. We finally were able to have a dinner recently, and what a great experience we had!

We really did not know what to expect in terms of atmosphere, and when were entered we were really surprised at how beautiful it was inside. Some real care had been taken in designing not only the bar but also the restaurant. It is not a huge space, but it has a very modern, trendy feel that is quite pleasant and enjoyable.

It was early in the evening, but there were already several tables and quite a few more arrived as our meal progressed. There were families, couples, groups of friends….quite a nice mix enjoying the food, atmosphere, and service at SuZu.

Soon after we were seated at a roomy, comfortable table, our server Pedro arrived (and all our wildest dreams came true). Pedro was wonderful: professional and knowledgeable yet also personable, charming, and funny. He was great and provided excellent service throughout our meal. He presented us with the iPad menu and came back soon for our beverage order. This was my first personal experience with an iPad menu, and the menu was easy to navigate (even for a techno-weenie like me). It was also great to see photos of the various menu offerings at SuZu.

There were a number of quite reasonably priced wines, and we went with a bottle of cabernet (Blackburn). After Pedro brought our wine, we placed our dinner order and then sat back and enjoyed the atmosphere and vibe of SuZu. It really is a nice atmospere in the inside space, and I imagine that the patio outside would be a popular setting as well.

For appetizers, Richard enjoyed the Lobster Tacos (with corn tortilla, epazote-tarragon aioli, and crispy garlic) as well as the Duck Confit Steam Buns (with duck confit, steam buns, pickled vegetables, basil, mint, cilantro, jalapeno, lemon grass aioli, and piloncillo). The lobster tacos were very hot hot (temperature-wise and spice-wise!), and Richard loved ‘em. Super big taste! SuZu apparently has quite a following for these tacos, and Richard just joined the crowd! The presentation for the Steam Buns was just beautiful, and Richard loved the flavor combo.

As for our entrees, we were both in beef eatin’ mode. I had the Prime Beef Tenderloin (beef tenderloin with potato-parsnip puree, ginger sesame spinach, crispy onions, and demi glace). This was a very nice dish. The beef was excellent, and I loved the spinach which was perfectly seasoned. The onions truly were crispy as well as completely non-greasy. Richard’s New York Steak (prime New York strip, “lazy” sauce, grilled onions, potato confit) had a delicious steak with (per Richard) “a large taste”. He said that the steak was very tender, and the accompaniments were quite tasty. While I enjoyed my steak, I would have loved to have seen some additional pasta dishes on the menu. There was one pasta dish that contained lobster, but I’m not a seafood fan so this was not an option for me. It also would have been nice to have had some good, crusty bread to accompany the meal.

Dessert time! Richard went for the Churros and just loved them….a perfect Richard dessert. I, of course, went for the Chocolate Trio dessert (how could I not???!!!). This consisted of a delicious chocolate ice cream, some chocolate cake, and one more item of chocolate yumminess (in all honesty, I couldn’t tell exactly what it was but I truly didn’t care either….it was just darn chocolate-y good!).

All in all, we had a great experience overall at SuZu. As I mentioned before – I’d love to see some additional pastas and a bread basket would also make a nice addition to the dinner table. But wow – the decor, the atmosphere, the service, and the food all combined to make for a lovely and delectable Saturday night dinner in El Paso.

SuZu is located on the westside at 5825 N Mesa El Paso, TX 79912

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