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Sparrow’s Spirits and Pies

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A few months ago, I read about a new place on the Eastside offering up Chicago deep dish stuffed pizza. Oh yeah. I grew up making annual treks with my Mom to Chicago. The purpose of these trips supposedly to take in museums, but in reality it was just to eat pizza. Geno’s East, Giordano’s, Edwardo’s, just to name a few of the places that served up those great Chicago deep dish memories. For me, thin crust pizza just doesn’t cut it. Give me that good deep dish.

Needless to say, I was excited to try out Sparrow’s Spirits and Pies. Richard and I spent a fantastic Sunday at Guadalupe National Park, and on the way back home we veered off to eat up some pizza.

We found Sparrow’s Spirts and Pies in a new strip mall and headed inside. We looked around and saw some nice and interesting (and what appeared to be local) artwork on the walls. We were immediately seated, and soon after were greeted by our server who told us up front that their pies are Chicago deep dish style and take 35 minutes to bake. Hey, fine with Richard and me….we willingly wait for good food. Our server took our drink orders right away and made an excellent beer recommendation for Richard: Blonde Bombshell (which Richard oved and said was a perfect accompaniment to the pizza). We perused the menu and decided on the Man Eater’s medium stuffed deep dish, which included pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, green pepper, red onions, and probably one or two things I’m forgetting about. The menu also included some great sounding subs, but that’s not what we were here for.

Thirty-five minutes later, out comes this work of pizza art. Our wonderful server (so sorry-forgot to get his name) brought it out already sliced and dished it out onto plates. MMMMMMMmmmmmmm. It was so good. It took me back to my days back in the Windy City. The crust was thick (just as I like it), and the added ingredients were plentiful and of high quality. Richard said that it was very good, both sweet and spicy, with very high quality meat. I know what he means by sweet and spicy, as the tomato sauce had a pleasant sweet taste to it while the sausage was good and spicy.

The medium pizza was plenty for the two of us (with leftovers…..highly unusual for big-time food shovelers like Richard and me). Stuffed deep dish pizza is very filling! For once, I was actually too full for dessert (which included cheesecake. No surprise that I checked that out).

Service was excellent, food was excellent, and we left with a smile. It is so nice to have Chicago style deep dish pizza available here in El Paso. I see some more trips to Sparrow’s Spirits and Pies in our future.

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