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Sesame Burger

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I just love that we now have Sesame Burgers and Beer right by us here in West Ashley. It’s just down the road, located right inside the doors of Citadel Mall. We used to have to go all the way to Park Circle in North Charleston to partake of the offerings of Sesame. But now, all that has changed. And it appears to have been a wise decision for Sesame Burgers and Beer. Mr. R and I arrived at Sesame today (a Saturday) at around 11:30am, and by 11:45 nearly every table was taken (including those outside, in the 95 degree heat!). By 12:30 or so, when we left, there were even people waiting outside the doors in order to get in. Way to go, Sesame! Looks like you were just what we needed here West of the Ashley!

We started off our lunch with our beverages of choice: Coke (for Mr. R) and Pinot Noir (for me – hey, it’s the weekend!). Mr. R is a big fan of meat, so a place with the word BURGERS in the title is just perfect for him. While he’s originally from NYC, Mr. R has become Southernized after all these years in Carolina. So he went for the Down South Burger. This combo of beef burger, bacon, American cheese, and caramelized onions came out reposing on top of a (what else?) sesame seed bun. It looked quite delish, and Mr. R assured me it was. Since he finished that sucker in no time flat, I’ll take his word for it. As for me, I’m not a veg-head but I do like a lot of vegetarian-type offerings. The black bean burger struck my fancy, and I was quite happy with it once it arrived. In contrast to the not-so-yummy pre-formed patties served by some establishments, this bean burger appeared prepared-on-premises, and it tasted excellent with great texture. I also really enjoyed the homemeade ketchup and mustard available as condiments. Yum!

After my heart-healthy red wine and high-fiber black bean burger, I was ready to move on to DESSERT (oh yeah!). And I couldn’t believe my luck: the special dessert of the day was chocolate chip cheesecake. No way was I gonna pass that up! This chip-filled treat was the real deal, and I’m confident it had never seen the inside of a freezer. My chocolate chip cheesecake was quite a generous hunk (and it takes a lot for me to judge a dessert size as “generous”!). It was chock-full of big melted chocolate chips, had a nice graham cracker crust and a great creamy texture, and it tasted fantastic. I would love it if this chocolate chip cheesecake became part of the regular dessert menu repertoire (please! oh please!). Richard ordered a vanilla shake (boring, IMHO! He claims it’s not boring – it’s pure and there’s nothing boring about purity). I didn’t try it (I was too busy scarfing down my big ol’ hunk o’cheesecake). But that shake looked quite tasty, and Mr. R seemed quite thrilled with it.

I have a feeling we’ll be returning regularly to Sesame Burgers and Beer (or in my case, wine will do). The food was excellent, the service good, and the bill was fairly easy on the pocketbook (mine, not Mr. R’s).

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