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Today we had lunch at Slightly North of Broad (better known as SNOB) in downtown Charleston. Like High Cotton, SNOB is part of the Maverick Southern Kitchens restaurant group. Lucky us – we had an anniversary gift card from my parents so the meal was totally free for us except for the cash tip (note to self: be kind to great servers and leave a CASH tip).

As always, the Maverick Southern Kitchens restaurant group did not disappoint. We were seated in a wonderful booth right next to the kitchen, where Richard could see all the action (I don’t need to see any action – just food on my plate). It didn’t take us long to decide on our menu choices. Richard got the gazpacho to start out with and said it was fantastic. He followed this with the crispy duck leg quarter and pickled vegetables (and there was something else on his plate that I can’t remember). I skipped the appie (gotta save room for dessert!) and for my entree I had the grilled Southern medley (a delicious and beautifully presented plate of grilled chicken breast,zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, basil pesto, balsamic vinaigrette, and delish goat cheese croutons). Good little squares of cornbread came with the meal, too, nestled in those lovely sweetgrass baskets.(Richard’s not a big cornbread fan and wishes they’d serve an alternative bread. But I’m happy with the little cornbread squares). For the main course (er, I mean dessert), Richard had the dessert o’ the day (black bottom pie) and I had the derby pie (of course, I had to ask for some vanilla ice cream with that). Mmmm, both desserts were wondrous. I loved seeing that derby pie on the dessert menu – it appears to be a newer addition, and one I highly support (oh yeah)! And with that (and two glasses of vino), a good time was had by all (well, by Richard and me anyway).

We also had a special treat today at SNOB. It was a busy dining room at lunchtime (thanks to the start of Spoleto, perhaps?). But in the midst of all the SNOB buzz we happened to eye two incredibly well-known chefs in attendance. Not one, but two, right there in SNOB. Of course, we’re nobodies. But they’re somebodies, and they were right there with us in that lovely dining room. Oh my!

Happy Friday to all! There was no better way to start our wonderfully long Memorial Day weekend than by going to SNOB. You can’t beat it – excellent Lowcountry-influenced cuisine, a beautiful atmosphere, and even celeb chefs (well, today anyway!).

Oh wow.

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