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Ripe Eatery

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Richard and I were the lucky recipients of a gift card for Ripe Eatery, a restaurant not far from us on the Westside of El Paso. While Ripe was high on our “gotta try” list of El Paso, restaurants, the gift card pushed it up a few notches and we checked out Ripe last night. I sure am glad we did!

Ripe is located in a shopping center (often a good sign, as we’ve learned!), so parking was easy. We entered the restaurant prior to 6pm on a weeknight, and plenty of tables were already taken by the after-work crowd as well as families. As the evening went on, more and more couples and even some fairly large groups came in to eat. The space was nicely decorated, and it had a great feel to it. We were immediately seated and informed that since it was still happy hour, alcoholic beverages and appetizers were 1/2 off (oh, yeah!).

We each ordered a glass of the Root 1 cabernet sauvignon (a Chilean wine), and Richard went for the Korean BBQ Ribs appetizer (served with sweet sriracha appla slaw). The ribs were obviously popular – nearly every table seemed to have placed an order for this dish. And we know why – they were delicious!

Richard had to have the Osso Buco for his entree. This dish was beautifully presented, served with root vegetables, smoked gouda mashers, and horseradish cream. Richard said it was wonderful, and it sure looked it. As for me, I was busy scarfing down my Curried Coconut Veggie Tagine. Our excellent server, Buddy, informed us that this entree could be ordered with chicken or shrimp, but I was very happy with my all-vegetable version. This entree looked gorgeous and tasted as good as it looked. The seasoning was perfect, and I could not have been more pleased with this dish.

And now for dessert! Richard just had to get the Root Beer Float, and did he ever enjoy that. Not a drop or spoonful left on his plate. As for me – now, how could I ever resist Texas Sheet Cake with Ice Cream? Take a look at that photo – mmmmmm! Yep, it tasted just the way it looks (meaning – scrumptious). This was a true comfort food dessert, and hey – that is my kind of dessert. The cake was rich and chocolatey, and the vanilla ice cream was the perfect contrast. A just-perfect dessert, in my opinion.

We could not have been more pleased with this restaurant. It is a great place to have nearby, with delicious food, excellent service by Buddy and the hostess, and an inviting atmosphere. We had several visits during the evening to make sure all was ok, and even the owner stopped by to inquire about how things were. We’ll definitely be back (and soon)!

Ripe is located at 910 E Redd Rd # A El Paso, TX 79912 (west side)

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  1. Jane Loyless says:

    Mmmm… That Texas Sheet Cake with Ice Cream looks totally yummy! Now I’m hungry…

    I’m enjoying reading about southwestern cuisine, Lisa – keep it up! And congrats on ranking #4 on UrbanSpoon!

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