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Red Mountain | bistro

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A few months ago, I had a doctor’s appointment and happened to spy a new restaurant being all readied-up right nearby. It looked pretty snazzy, and Richard and I made a mental note to check the place out once it opened.

Well, that time had arrived and last night we headed on over. Red Mountain Bistro opened up on the Westside recently. We had a fairly early dinner reservation, but as the evening went on the place became much more crowded and quite energetic. They actually had quite a few people (including us) on their reservation list, and there appeared to be plenty of walk-ins as well. The restaurant seemed to attract a mix of couples of all ages, as well as small groups and families. The decor was quite sleek and chic, and it looks like they are continuing to add plants and other decorations (some were being brought in as we arrived).

When we arrived, we were initially led to a table that seemed (to me, anyway) too close to some other customers. Too-close-for-comfort seating is one of my pet peeves, and since the restaurant had plenty of empty tables at that hour I asked for another. The hostess immediately led us to a more private table (yeah!).

Our server (Whitney) soon arrived, and she did an excellent job throughout our meal. We ordered from the wine list (Hob Not Merlot for me, and a cab whose-name-I-can’t-remember for Richard) and really enjoyed our selections once they arrived.

Richard was starved so he eyed the appetizer list, and the meat-loving guy decided to go with the Skewers (filet tips, Spanish chorizo, and Manchego with chili oil). Before his appetizer arrived, Whitney brought out a basket full o’ yummy bread. I am a bread baker, and I could tell the the onion roll in that basket was homemade. It was oh-so-good. The other bread (which Whitney informed us was also homemade) appeared to be an Italian-type loaf that was sliced, buttered, seasoned, and broiled. I didn’t have any of that bread, but Richard scarfed it down like crazy and said it was incredible.

Appetizer time! Richard said that the chorizo was “killer”, and the filet was great as well. Cheese-hater Richard had no idea at the time what that he was also eating cubes of cheese, but he even ate those up. He said that it was a really delicious combo of three different tastes and textures.

Now on to the entrees. The menu was perfect for Richard and me, because there were plenty of meat-heavy items (with a great choice of sides) as well as pastas and risottos. I could not resist ordering the Green Chile Risotto (queso fresco, sweet corn, cilantro, and green onions). This risotto was gorgeous, with so many nice colors. And the flavor – yum! EPVegSnob would love this entree. It was served super-hot (kudos to Whitney for serving up our entrees so quickly) and just perfectly seasoned. Richard (no surprise here) had the Ribeye (king cut, 14 oz.). Steaks are served with two sides, and he went with caramelized onions and the truffle fries. Oh my – he was in man-meal heaven! He said that the fries were the best that he’s had in El Paso, the steak was cooked exactly as he requested, and the caramelized onions were the perfect addition to that steak.

Richard chose to eat up more of that good bread for dessert, but you know me……I asked Whitney to bring that dessert menu right out! I also asked at that time for our bill, and our server Whitney brought it right out (another big yeah!). There were several tempting dessert choices (including a cheesecake, panna cotta, and molten lava cake), but I went with the bread pudding. I’ve eaten a lot of bread puddings in my life, and this one was truly delicious (and not the least bit soggy or heavy, like some bread puddings can be). While I’m not a fruit lover, the blueberries and blackberries on the side were a pretty and flavorful addition. The only thing I could suggest would be a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of vanilla ice cream served along with it (but that may also be the dessert-glutton in me speaking).

As we left, the restaurant was filled with people who seemed to be having a good time and enjoying the ambience and cuisine at Red Mountain Bistro. There were also plenty of people out on the patio, enjoying the first bit of fall weather we’ve had in El Paso. We were really glad to see so many people enjoying this place. We look forward to enjoying it again ourselves!

Red Mountain | bistro is located on the westside at 631 N Resler

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