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Parson Jack’s

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Parson Jack’s is a great neighborhood place – it’s close by, has good food offerings, and can readily supply beverages of choice. We don’t have a dog, but if we did we’d be in luck. Parson Jack’s is a very dog-friendly establishment. It’s fun to see all the dog-themed art throughout the restaurant, and there’s usually a dog (or two or three) taking in the vibes out on the patio (with their owners in tow).

Richard and I go on lazy days and evenings when we want something nearby that’s good and reliable. It’s always nice to have a dependable joint like this around,and the food is way, way better than it has to be. We headed to Parson Jack’s yesterday, after a walk around Magnolia Garden and a quick trip to a neat car show up at Citadel Mall. We were ready for a leisurely Saturday lunch. Some female customers may not be overly thrilled with the short-ettes on the young adult women servers at Parson Jack’s. But I ain’t gonna get riled up about that – there are way more things in the world to occupy my time and energy! And in our experience, the servers in those short-ettes have always been very nice and friendly. So hey – relax! And Richard and I did just that, both starting out with a good glass o’ cab.

For the main course, Richard ordered up a reuben and I got the chicken fajita pita. In just a short while, the food trough was open (as Richard likes to say!). Richard’s reuben came on wonderful marble rye bread (I admire a place that pays attention to the sandwich bread), and he inhaled the white corn tortilla chips he requested on the side. My sandwich was a healthy-tasting mixture of grilled chicken, zucchini, onions, and peppers all served on a pita. Yum! Richard snarfed the tortilla chips that arrived with my sandwich, and I was too full for the accompanying sour cream and black bean salsa (moment of truth: I was really saving room for dessert. Betcha never would have guessed that, huh?).

And now —– for dessert! Many bar and grill establishments fall way short in this department, and of course that means they likely won’t have my business. I’m glad to say that Parson Jack’s must have a real dessert-lover (like me) on their menu-planning staff, because they are a real leader of the pack with the grand finales. I can never resist the triple chocolate cheesecake (oh yes!), and Richard got the snick-O-REO pie. I’m not sure if the cheesecake is homemade or not (may not be) but I don’t care – that thing is darn good! Richard’s pie (an ice cream pie type of concoction) actually did look homemade and he reduced that to nothing. The other dessert on the menu (which we’ve not ordered) is make-at-the-table s’mores. Obviously it’s a chocolate-heavy dessert menu and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with that (at least not in my chocolate-lovin’ mind).

After that good ‘n tasty lunch, we headed the short distance down the road to home where we proceeded to watch hours and hours of mindless tv. What a fantastic way to spend a Saturday!

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