Richard first went to Hot and Juicy back in 11/2011, we first moved to El Paso. He had raved about the Pancho Villa hot dog, and about how friendly the place was. We finally got around to a return trip to Hot and Juicy, this time for the burgers.

Richard said that when he originally visited Hot and Juicy back in 2011, it was on a weekday at lunchtime and was really hopping. We went on a Saturday right when it opened and happened to be their first customers though several others came in during the time we were there. It’s definitely a no-frills atmosphere with a bit of UTEP-themed decor, but that is part of the appeal. This is a place that focuses on the food!

I went up to the counter to place our order: a Border Burger, a Southwestern Burger, onion rings, and two drinks. Our grand total came to less than $15. I got our drinks from the drink machine, then Richard and I relaxed in a table by the window while we waited for our lunch. The food is made to order, and after a couple of minutes it arrived at our table.

The burgers were yummy! They were served in a basket with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles, with mustard and ketchup available on each table. These were quarter-pound burgers that were patted out thin with good, irregular edges (no pre-formed burgers here!). My border burger (with American cheese and green chile) was delicious. It was a good-sized burger, and I actually cut it into quarters to make it easier to eat. Of course Richard has a big enough mouth (a true New Yorker he is!) that he had no need to cut up his burger – he shoved the whole thing down in a couple of bites! His Southwestern burger (with green chile, bacon, and asadero cheese) was delicious as well. He said that it was the perfect combination of tastes and textures. We both really loved and appreciated the buttered and toasted burger bun – what a difference that makes! Richard had the onion rings and said that they were good, light, and crispy on the outside and not at all greasy- just like good onion rings should be.

As for that Pancho Villa hot dog that he had in the past – this one is a big boy hot dog that bacon, cheese, chili beans, diced onions and tomato, mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise. Richard said that the Pancho Villa dog seems to be Hot and Juicy’s take on a Sonoran dog (which he also loves), but the Pancho Villa is a longer, fatter dog and overall much heftier than a Sonoran dog. He said that just like with our burgers and rings, he had to wait a few minutes after ordering it because they made it then and there (and not ahead of time). But he said that it was definitely worth the wait!

Hot and Juicy really hit the spot with a tasty and filling lunch in a casual spot. The folks who run the place are friendly and hard-working, and they obviously draw their clientele from a wide range of people who were clearly repeat customers. What a great place!

Hot and Juicy is on the west side at 6303 N Mesa, El Paso, TX 79912

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So, by now you all know that I’m a huge fan of street food and especially street food from trucks. My most beloved street food is any variation on sausage. When I discovered El Paso’s Wurst on Facebook, I knew that I just *had* to check them out.

We live on the westside and El Paso’s Wurst can mostly be found on the eastside, so this was going to be a challenge. Going to the eastside is just not something we like to do, what with the crazy traffic and all, so I ended up waiting way too long to experience this wonderful truck.

I was elated to find out that El Paso’s Wurst was going to be making a daytime appearance on a Saturday downtown a few weeks ago. I had my mind set on getting a Sancho, which is this crazy foot long dog topped with pineapple, bacon, habo mayo, ketchup and mustard, BUT…

Upon arriving downtown, I spied the El Paso Wurst menu board and, what did I see, but a pastrami sandwich on the menu! Pastrami sandwiches are a staple of a real New Yorker’s diet. They just don’t exist outside of the city, at least not good ones. I forgot all about the Sancho, went for the pastrami.

A New York deli pastrami is like a reliable, calm, always trustworthy best friend. El Paso Wurst’s pastrami, on the other hand, is like your best friend’s riot-girl criminal little sister who excels at just raising hell. This is a pastrami sandwich on toasted real rye, topped with havarti, grilled onions, and jalapenos. Yeah, no NYC deli would have the balls to serve this! What an amazing and complex combination of tastes and textures. I never would have dreamed up this sandwich myself – this took a wizard chef to create!

As my sandwich was being prepared, I was convinced that I’d still get the Sancho after I finished the pastrami. But, there was no way. This was one filling sandwich. I also didn’t want to corrupt the lingering taste palette that I was so enjoying.

I’ve noticed that El Paso’s Wurst frequently sells out before closing time. I’m not surprised. I’m going to have to bite the big one and head to the eastside to try that Sancho. It might be the first thing ever to tempt me past the spaghetti bowl!

Please… do yourselves a big favor and check out this amazing street food. If you haven’t done so, you are so missing out on an spectacular food experience.

Check out El Paso Wurst on Facebook at and find out where they’re slinging food today.

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Richard and I had such a great dining experience this weekend! It was by far one of the very best restaurants we have been to since we arrived in El Paso in 2011.

Anson 11 is a recently opened restaurant in downtown El Paso. We arrived at an off-time (3pm) on a Saturday afternoon and were pleasantly surprised to see quite a few people dining there at the time, and actually throughout our meal. The space was quite sophisticated and elegant, but actually nothing compared to what will be opening up upstairs sometime in September. While the more casual dining space is currently open, the “fine dining” restaurant upstairs will be opening up soon. Our wonderful server, Michael Heinz, gave us a tour of the not-yet-open upstairs space and we were amazed at just how beautiful and refined it was. We cannot wait to have some dinners in that beautiful space!

But…..let’s get back to our dining experience downstairs, in the more casual Anson 11 establishment. As we entered the restaurant and admired the space, we were immediately greeted by the hostess and led to a nice corner table by the windows. She provided us with windows, and our server Michael Heinz introduced himself right away and provided us with menus and informed us of the beverage specials. We ordered up one of the wine specials (very reasonably priced at $5/glass) and took a look at the menu.

We’re not quite sure what the “fine dining” spot upstairs will offer, but the more casual downstairs menu includes quite a nice variety of offerings, ranging from salads, sandwiches, and flatbreads to steaks and other more substantial entrees. While we were deciding, our server brought us some delicious bread – very good and crusty!

Our server was able to answer all our questions and provided some great recommendations. In the end, Richard started with the spinach salad and had the ribeye with a sea salt crusted potato as his entree. I went with the meatloaf served with glazed turnips and braised greens.

While waiting for our food to arrive, we had our wonderful tour of the upstairs dining space (which also includes a cigar room, a banquet space, and a room for a chef’s table experience). After getting excited about future dinners in that beautiful space, we came back downstairs and saw Richard’s spinach salad waiting for him. This was a very attractive salad – very fresh, with a nice Asian-inspired dressing as well as orange segments, onions, and tomatoes and some crispy fried Asian noodles on top. Richard loved it and said it was just delicious.

After a little while, our entrees arrived. Oh my! Richard’s steak was tender and perfectly cooked, topped with some very tasty truffle butter. The steak had been cooked in a special wood-fired oven (one of only a few that exist across the country, according to our server), and Richard said that the oven provided a very special flavor to this steak. He also really enjoyed the salt encrusted potato.

My meatloaf was so good! The meatloaf itself was quite flavorful, particularly with the nice tomato gravy on top. I’m not usually a big fan of either turnips or greens, but these accompaniments were just excellent and I ate every bite. It was all perfectly seasoned, too.

Dessert time! The dessert menu actually had quite a few yummy-sounding offerings, but in the end I once again went with our server’s recommendation of the chocolate cake (which ended up being a molten lava-type cake that required several minutes of baking time). Richard ordered up a very non-Lisa type of dessert: a delicious lime sorbet. Once dessert arrived, we were both happy peeps! The chocolate cake was just divine, and the molten center was incredible! The cake comes with ice cream, and since peanut butter ice cream was one of the offerings that night I asked that my chocolate cake come with a scoop o’ the peanut butter. In my mind, it’s hard to be the combo of chocolate and peanut butter and this was certainly a good one (though I’m sure the cake would be mighty tasty as well with the standard vanilla ice cream). Richard loved his lime sorbet. He loved that it was light and extremely tart and actually included little flecks of lime zest or peel.

We left Anson 11 very happy. We loved the whole experience, from the sophisticated atmosphere, the wonderful food, and the fantastic service. We also cannot wait to try the “fine dining” restaurant upstairs once it opens. We are so glad that El Paso now has a restaurant like Anson 11 and cannot wait to go back!

Anson 11 is located downtown at 303 North Oregon St, El Paso, TX 79901

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We had noticed on Urbanspoon some really good reviews for Zino’s Greek and Mediterranean Cuisine. And since it’s located right here on the Westside, not far from where we live, we figured it was time to find out about it for ourselves.

We headed to Zino’s for lunch early on a Saturday and were surprised to see several people already there. In fact, there was a steady stream of people coming and going the entire time we were in the restaurant. But after eating there, we know why….this was some dang good food, served in simple but comfortable, casual surroundings that included plenty of photos of Greece.

Richard is not a huge fan of Greek food, but there were several things that sounded interesting to him on the menu. Of a future visit, he’ll be trying the lamb burger and the lamb osso buco. As for this time around, he couldn’t resist the meatball sub with fries. We both used to love getting they delicious meatball subs and the other Italian offerings at the Greek-owned restaurants back in South Carolina, and we figured this one would be just as good. And indeed it was! It arrived soon afterward on wonderfully crusty bread, with plenty of good, hearty marinara and a generous serving of meatballs. Richard said that the sandwich was just as good, too, as what he used to get back in New York City. He also loved the fries. Past reviews had indicated good things about the fries, and now we know why. These were good fries, and Richard said that they may be the best he has tried so far in our nearly 2 years in El Paso. They were served with a really nice seasoning that included coarse salt. Mmmm!

I was debating among several different menu choices, and in the end I went with our server’s recommendation of moussaka (ground beef, sliced zucchini and potatoes topped with a creamy Bechamel Sauce). This entree came with a salad which I let Richard have (I was saving room for dessert, of course!). He said that the salad was very fresh with a nice dressing. As for my moussaka, I can say that this was definitely the best version of this dish that I have ever had. It was so, so good! It was perfectly seasoned and just delicious. I would order the moussaka again in a heartbeat (though I want to also try some of the other menu items).

Once dessert time rolled around, I once again asked our excellent server (Dulce) for a recommendation (and once again, she really came through!). She recommended the galatoboureuko, a dessert with filo dough layers along with a custard filling. I’d had this dessert before, but this one was much better than any I’d had previously. It was so tasty! I loved the combination of the sweet, creamy custard filling and the filo dough, which included a crispy, cinnamon-y top layer. Our server Dulce was astonished that I finished off every bite of it, without any help from Richard!

It was nice to find a casual, relatively inexpensive restaurant that’s close by and offers some delicious Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Chef Zino Souikni certainly knows what he’s doing, and we look forward to returning to try some more from the menu!

Zino’s is located on the westside at 7040 N Mesa St El Paso, TX 79912 (in the same strip mall as Albertson’s)

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Every time we head to Mesilla, we’ve passed by St. Clair Winery. It always seems to have a good crowd, and we’d been meaning to try it for quite some time. Richard had a business meeting there last week, and he was certainly impressed with the interior as well as the wine that he tried. That gave us the incentive we needed to finally check it out.

We went to St. Clair Winery at around 4pm on a Saturday, and even at that hour the restaurant had quite a few customers (and they just kept coming, during the entire time we dined). We were immediately greeted and shown to a table with a nice view of the mountains. The interior is certainly attractive in all areas, including the wine retail shop, the bar, and the restaurant.

Our server, Molly, showed up right away. She was personable and provided excellent service throughout our meal. We knew that we wanted to order the DH Lescombes Cabernet Sauvignon, as Richard had really enjoyed this particular wine there the previous week. At $10.75/glass, it is among their most expensive reds by the glass but it was a wonderful wine.

For entrees, Richard ordered the Ribeye (served with redskin garlic mashed potatoes and fresh mixed vegetables), to which he added grilled shrimp. I’m a lasagna buff, so I could not resist the Spinach Lasagna (layered with homemade marinara, spinach, and pasta) which came served with 2 garlic bread sticks.

Molly brought out some bread for us, which I left to Richard since I was saving room for my bread sticks. Richard said that the bread was tasty but he strongly prefers a crusty bread, rather than one with a soft crust. But that’s personal preference. It certainly looked good!

Once our entrees came, it was dig-in time! They looked so yummy, and oh yes were they delicious! Richard said that his ribeye was excellent (and he’s had his fair share of those, so he knows). He said that it had just the right amount of fat and marbeling, and the shrimp were quite flavorful as well. The taters looked great, but he said that that they were actually kind of bland. He had no comment on the vegetables, but then……”plant matter” (as he calls it) ain’t his thing.

Speaking of “plant matter”, my spinach lasagna was quite good. It was served piping hot, included a generous amount of spinach, and I enjoyed every bite of it. The bread sticks also were very good.

Dessert time! We had fun salivating over the dessert tray. I typically love bread pudding, and the bread pudding actually tempted me a bit. But I thought it seemed kind of plain compared to the other desserts on the tray, and it was in need of something to dress it up and tempt me a bit more (e.g., ice cream, whipped cream, etc.). So I by-passed the bread pudding and went with the Chocolate Port Brownie (a “rich Port graced brownie” served with vanilla bean ice cream). Of note, the bread pudding is identified on their menu as the restaurant’s signature dessert, but I think it needs to be “jazzed up” with ice cream or whipped cream in order to make it more enticing (especially when presented on a dessert tray, alongside other desserts that are more visually appealing). Richard had the Warm Apple Crisp (“fresh, tart apples with cinnamon apple cider & loaded with crunchy granola crumbs. Served warm with vanilla bean ice cream”). Once our desserts came, we were silent for a few minutes as we wolfed those things down. Richard’s crisp came with 3 big scoops o’ ice cream, and he said that the whole thing was really cinnamon-y and delicious (sure looked it!). As for my dessert, it was not the most decadent brownie I’ve ever had but it was mighty tasty and I enjoyed every bite. The ice cream was a wonderful flavor contrast to the brownie. But I am still hoping that they do something more with that bread pudding in the future (and then I’d order it!).

Overall, we loved our meal at St. Clair Winery. It was a very nice atmosphere, service was excellent, and the food and wine were delicious and flavorful. There are quite a few other wonderful-sounding pastas that I want to try out next, and there are some other steak and burger dishes for Richard to try. It’s also a fun spot in terms of the wine retail shop, and I can see us checking that out some more on our next visit.

St. Clair Winery and Bistro is located at 1720 Avenida De Mesilla Las Cruces, NM 88005

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There’s a new pizza place in town, and it’s a good one! Richard and I recently eyed a sign for Unrulis Pizza+Pints on Mesa, not far from where we live on the Westside. Richard has had a major hankering for pizza lately, so Unrulis was definitely on our radar for a visit.

Unrulis is very new… new, in fact that it’s currently in the soft opening stage with a limited menu. Check on their Facebook page for hours. It opened at 4pm on the Saturday we stopped by.

Since it’s so new, we really had no idea what to expect. When we pulled in, we were greeted by the owner (who also owns the restaurant Rulis International Kitchen, right down the road). He was there making sure that all was in order before he headed out to cater a wedding that night, and he personally welcomed us and led us through the front door.

The inside is casual, and our server Eddie informed us that they will soon have lots more in the dining room including an arcade area and lots of tvs. It also appeared that there is plenty of patio space that will be open and used at some point.

Eddie took good care of us. He gave us a copy of their current limited menu (which offers an entree as well as sandwiches and several pizzas). He explained that for now, beverages are mainly sodas and tea but BYOB also applies and their alcohol license should be coming soon. We ordered up some sodas and took a look at the menu.

One of the sandwiches (Moyetes) caught my eye, and one of the entrees (Beer Can Chicken) tempted Richard. But we figured that we’d try out the pizzas on our first visit. Even with the limited menu currently in effect, there were quite a few tempting choices and I would have been happy with any of them. Each pizza is 10 inches, and we were pretty darn hungry so we ordered up 2 pizzas for our table. Richard loves Italian sausage, so he went with the Porky Woodfired Pizza (with red sauce and cheese, topped with Italian sausage, country ham, and pepperoni). I honestly had a hard time making a decision among all the great-sounding varieties, but in the end I went with the Chicken Teriyaki Woodfired Pizza (white sauce and cheese topped with roast chicken, pineapple, toreado terkiyaki, and jalapeno relish).

After we placed our order, Richard went and took a look at the pizza oven. That thing was fast! Our pizzas were served up quite quickly and wow, did they look (and taste) amazing! Richard said that the sausage and red sauce on his Porky Pizza were especially tasty, and he loved the crust. He said that it was a nice chewy crust, much like that of one of our fave pizza places back in Charleston, South Carolina (where we lived before our trek out to EP). As for my Chicken Teriyaki Pizza – my oh my, it was so yummy. I loved the combo of flavors on it. I must admit that Chicago deep-dish will always be my true love when it comes to pizza, but I do enjoy other varieties too and this was a really good one. I will look forward to trying some of the other flavors on the menu.

As we were eating the owner came out to check on us and see how we liked our food. He was on his way out the door to that wedding, but he explained his fusion approach to cuisine (both at Rulis International Kitchen and at Unrulis) and sent out some excellent wasabi sauce that he recommended with the Chicken Teriyaki Pizza. He really seemed to care a lot about his product and our enjoyment of his food.

Our server Eddie was personable and on top of things throughout our meal, and the kitchen staff and owner obviously cared about their cuisine. Even with the limited menu available Unrulis’ soft opening, we had a number of great options to choose from and can’t wait to see what other menu items become available in the future.

Unrulis is located on the west side at 4176 N. Mesa, El Paso, Texas 79902

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Having grown up in NYC, I have always had a thing for food from trucks. Street food is the best way to get to know a city and I love that El Paso has a growing food truck scene. Food Gallery is the second of El Paso’s food trucks I’ve had the pleasure to experience. I was trolling through Facebook last week when I saw a post about a contest for a free lunch. The contest was to solve a (very simple) rebus. I am a sucker for free food so, without giving the actual solution to the rebus any real thought, I submitted the first correct entry and won!

It was only after I had been notified that I had won did I realize just what it was that I’d be eating for free – mac -n- cheese. Now I have to admit that I’ve never been a fan of mac -n- cheese and have always considered it to be children’s food. The commercials for Kraft mac -n- cheese didn’t do anything to help my opinion of that concoction. I almost bailed on my winnings, but that little voice in my head convinced me to go anyway- after all, it was Bacon Friday and bacon makes anything good.
I’m glad that I obeyed the voices in my head this time ;)

The Food Gallery truck is spotlessly clean inside and out and the proprietors are super friendly. I introduced myself as the contest winner and they were excited to have me as their first customer of the day. Food Gallery’s food is made-to-order; there are no heat lamps or pre-made meals. Everything is made fresh, just for you! It took 5-6 minutes for my mac -n- cheese (with bacon!) to be prepared and I took it to one of the shaded tables available at Foodville.

The mac -n- cheese (with bacon!) certainly wasn’t children’s food, and it bore no resemblance to the nasty Kraft product so ubiquitously advertised on television. The cheese reminded me much more of a thick butter sauce than the usual pile of melted goop. The macaroni was cooked wonderfully. Al dente would be totally wrong for mac -n- cheese, but so would mush. The texture was just perfect for the dish and worked well with the crispy bacon and made from scrtach croutons. To my surprise, a salad was included with the meal. Their salad could very well stand on its own, but was a perfect counterpoise to the very rich mac -n- cheese. I enjoyed very much interlacing a bite of salad with a bite of the mac -n- cheese.

Lisa was shocked when I raved about the meal to her. I am typically a carnivore and avoid eating plant matter and such, but this meal from Food Gallery was just so very tasty! Go down to Foodville for lunch this week or next and try Food Gallery’s offerings. If they got me to both like and enjoy mac -n- cheese, I’m sure you will love just about anything on their menu. Foodville is located downtown near the corner of Mills and Mesa. Check Food Gallery’s facebook page for details –

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We pass by Tosca Stone Oven Pizzeria nearly every day, but we just got around to trying it. We’d heard some good things about it and it was high time we checked it out. And we are so glad that we did!

I had heard that orders are placed at the counter, and that’s where I headed right when we entered. The restaurant has their regular menu displayed prominently around the counter area, along with a number of specials and new items. We had already checked out the menu online which helped – it might take a while to take in all the offerings if unfamiliar with the menu.

For Richard, I ordered up the Perfect Pepperoni Red Pizza (they have several other quite tasty-sounding Red Pizza varieties, along with a number of White Pizzas). For myself, I had to go with a new menu items: Mean Green Lasagna (with zucchini, pine nuts, and green chile in a Serrano sauce). There was lots to choose from – many pizza varieties, calzones, paninis, other sandwich offerings, and quite a variety of pastas. I also drooled over the dessert case, which had some mighty good looking items. I picked out a chocolate mousse for Richard and a carrot cake for yours truly. While beers and wines were available, we went with the fountain drinks for this meal. I paid at the counter then headed to the fountain area to get our drinks.

Richard had picked out a nice window table for us, and before I got back to the table with our drinks my side salad arrived (my lasagna included the salad as well as a beverage). There were quite a few interesting-sounding salad dressings to choose from, and I’d gone with asoy balsamic vinaigrette which was quite good.

A little while later, our entrees arrived. Richard’s pizza was a personal-sized, thin-crust variety. He said that the crust was not as crispy as some other thin-crust pizzas he’s had here in El Paso but it was quite delicious. He ate every bite of that pizza! My lasagna was scrumptious. It had a bit of a kick to it, and it was perfectly flavored. It came with some very tasty garlic bread, which I also scarfed up. Nothing left on my plate!

Richard enjoyed his mousse, which was quite chocolate-y. He had to take his time eating that to prevent chocolate overload. My carrot cake was excellent – moist and fresh, with pineapple, pecans, and a yummy cream cheese icing. Mmmmmm!

We went at an odd time, but there were several others in the dining room enjoying their food while we were there. It was a casual and comfortable atmosphere, with surprisingly good music and delicious food. This restaurant was a nice find.

Tosca is located at 4017 N. Mesa, El Paso, TX 79902

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Richard and I like to have a good Italian go-to restaurant fairly close to where we live. Richard likes the old-school “red sauce” Italian restaurants, and I’m mighty fond of those types of places myself. We hadn’t really been to a place like this since arriving here in El Paso a while back, so we went in search of one today. We ended up at Italian Kitchen West. The original El Paso Italian Kitchen was opened in 1948, with the Westside location in business since 2006. Since we live on the Westside, that’s the one we checked out.

We arrived at lunchtime and were promptly seated and greeted by Brenda, our server. She provided excellent service throughout our meal and was very personable and fun. We ordered a glass of the house cabernet and then perused the menu…..lots of classics to choose from, as well as some twists on old faves.

Richard is a big Italian sausage fan, so he had to go with the Italian Link Sausage and Peppers entree (served with spaghetti and salad). I’m very partial to lasagna, and while the Italian Kitchen offers up traditional and vegetarian version, I was intrigued by the Green Chile version.

Both of our entrees came with a salad. My lunch-sized serving of salad was ok, though I thought that the balsamic vinaigrette was a little bland. Richard had a more substantial dinner salad and was quite pleased with his (and unlike me, he thought that the balsamic vinaigrete salad dressing was fine). Along with the salad, we were served some buttery soft Italian bread.

Once our entrees arrived, we were in business! Richard absolutely loved his meal. He said that the sausage links were “beautiful”, with a nice char, a wonderful flavor, and a good snap (from the natural casing) . He also really enjoyed the side of spaghetti with marinara. My lasagna was fantastic. It arrived piping hot, and it included chunks of chicken in addition to the green chile, cheese, lasagna noodles, and white sauce. Oh my, was this lasagna tasty…..I absolutely loved it and could not have been more pleased!

Richard was too full for dessert, but of course I had room. I had the cheesecake with caramel sauce. The cheesecake was a good-sized piece (yeah!), and it was very tasty. I don’t know that it was homemade, but even if it wasn’t… was a dang good cheesecake, especially with that caramel sauce.

Overall, we really liked our food at Italian Kitchen West. The service was excellent, the food was really good, and the prices were reasonable. This is definitely a restaurant where we’ll be making a return trip.

The Italian Kitchen West is located at 450 Thorn Ave, El Paso, TX 79912

Italian Kitchen West on Urbanspoon

The Italian Kitchen West on Foodio54

For a while now, we had spotted some action at what was to become Good Coffee Mexican Restaurant, on North Mesa. We drive by the location every day, and we watched as signs went up and potted plants went out on at this restaurant. Just in the time we’ve been in El Paso, this site has been home to several different restaurants so we were curious to see what would happen this time around. After an El Pasto Times article came out recently describing the history of the family-owned restaurant here in El Paso (with several other locations), we knew we had to check it out.

Today’s Saturday lunch proved to be the perfect time to see what it was all about. We arrived around 11:30am, to a parking lot and restaurant that was quite full with both a breakfast and lunch crowd. The restaurant is quite roomy and simply but attractively decorated inside. We were immediately shown to a nice table in one of the several rooms in the dining area, and there is a bar area as well.

Our server, Ana, arrived right away to take our drink order. We inquired about wine and were told that they just recently acquired their alcohol license and yes, indeed, we were able to order a glass of cabernet to enjoy with our lunch (and at a quite reasonable price, we might add). As we enjoyed our wine and the excellent salsa and chips, we perused the menu and saw breakfast offerings as well as lunch options including a variety of Mexican dishes and burgers as well as menduo weekends.

Richard went with the Steak Ranchero, which came with guacamole, refried beans, and rice as well as excellent tortillas. He said that it was really good, and a wonderful flavor combo. I had the enchiladas enmoladas, which consisted of three cheese enchiladas with a mole sauce, refried beans, and rice. The enchiladas were great, and I loved the slightly sweet and complex flavor of the mole sauce. The beans and rice were really good, as well. We both really enjoyed our meals and I will admit that I ate every last bite of mine.

Dessert time came around, and Richard was too full but (with Ana’s recommendation) I went with the tres leches cake. Oh my, it was good! This was a wonderfully most and delicious chocolate version of tres leches cake, and it was good to the last bite.

It was great to see so many people enjoying this restaurant on a Saturday morning and afternoon. There were plenty of families and couples and also some people eating both breakfast and lunch, and there also were some people in the bar area. It was a hopping place! We were very pleased by the service, the atmosphere, and the menu offerings and the price was certainly right. We were so pleased to find a casual place where we could get an excellent meal at such great value. And it’s right down the road from where we live. You can’t beat that. We will definitely be back!

Good Coffee is located on the westside at 4799 N. Mesa

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