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Med Bistro

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Med Bistro is one of our neighborhood faves. I used to go there when I lived in Charleston back in the mid-90s. When I returned to Charleston two years ago, I was thrilled to see that it’s remained part of the West Ashley dining scene. Located in a Folly Road strip mall, Med Bistro is a place filled with locals rather than tourists. It’s never too chaotic, yet there are always customers in the bar and restaurant regardless of the time of day (or night).

Today at Med Bistro we started with glasses of cabernet (gotta celebrate the holiday weekend, ya know!). Richard ordered the burger and homemade chips (those chips are killer). As usual, I ordred the grilled chicken flatbread (which comes with hummus, artichokes, and feta). It’s so good that I can’t bring myself to order anything else. My side was the cucumber and tomato salad – it’s so tasty that Richard usually inhales it before I even realize it’s missing.

Of course, after our entrees it was time for the real part of the meal……dessert! Typical to his minimalist dessert ways, Richard got the unadorned vanilla ice cream (hmmmmm……does that even qualify as dessert? A good question, IMHO). As for me, the chocolate and white chocolate brownies with ice cream were the way to go. This brownies ‘n scream combo was as tasty as can be. But I think Med Bistro could take it up a notch (or two or three) by topping the brownies and ice cream with drizzles of chocolate and caramel sauces and a dollop of whipped cream. Just sayin’! (hint, hint)

It’s so nice to have a reliable, good neighborhood place that relaxes us and replenishes our bellies time after time.

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