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May’s Cafe

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Richard and I took the bad-ass jeep out to Guadelupe National Park a couple weekends ago, and something caught our eye on the way back. In the middle of nowhere and more nowhere, up pops little May’s Cafe. Technically it is in the town on Cornudas, TX. But like I said…..it’s really in the middle of nowhere!

We were curious about May’s and discovered that this little cafe has quite a following. So today we headed to Carlsbad Caverns (wow – what a place!), and there on the way back was May’s. We just had to stop.

We walked in to see quite an interesting mix of tables, chairs, items-of-interest-for-sale, and all sorts of other stuff. I can’t even begin to recall all the interesting stuff in that place! Lots of it looked as though it were from the era of my grandmother’s old farmhouse……and it likely was! I could tell right off that we were in for some unique eats.

We were led to a big ol’ table that had some great table legs that were covered with jeans and suited up with cowboy boots (and they looked like the real thing!). Can’t say that I’ve ever seen that before, but at May’s it worked!

We had no choice but to order up the World Famous Cornudas Chile Cheeseburger. Mine came with a bag o’ chips, but Richard got the onion rings with his. We were HUNGRY, and when these babies came out we were oh-so-thrilled. This was truly one of the best burgers I’ve had in years. It was also truly the best chile cheeseburgers I’ve ever had (granted, this out-West newbie has only had one other. But this one at May’s was incredibly tasty). The burger was piled high with mustard, lettuce and tomatoes, the burger was big and juicy, and it all added up to one fine taste. I saved my chips for later, but Richard ate up his onion rings in no time flat. He said they were just as good as the fine onion rings/balls served at the Beacon in Spartanburg, SC (and that’s quite a compliment). And by the way …… a guy at the next table ordered up a *second* one of these burgers while we were there and finished the whole thing. That’s just how good these burgers are!

Now on to dessert. May’s has homemade pies with ice cream, along with cake and a variety of ice cream novelty items for sale. Richard was too full for anything but a drumstick from the ice cream freezer, but I had eyed some delicious-looking pies earlier and so pie it would be for me. I had a choice of cherry, peach or apple…couldn’t resist the apple and it came with a generous scopp of ice cream. This was a fine apple pie, with a good flaky crust. It reminded me of my Mama Varner’s apple pie (mmm mmm good!). There also was a mighty good looking chocolate cake on display, and it looked homemade.

We really enjoyed May’s. It had quite a collection of knicknacks and items for sale, and the collection of customers and servers was pretty fun and interesting too! We had a ball at May’s and really enjoyed the food as well as the atmosphere. What a great find in the middle of nowhere!

GPS coordinates for May’s Cafe – N31.77978 W105.47127 (far far far east side, almost half way to Guadalupe Mountains National Park)

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  1. Jon says:

    My Sis MJ just Skyped me from May’s Cafe, Apparently,its even got WI-FI! Place looks great and as i heard this morning LIVE, the food is great as well!After her description of the spectacular views in the area and your “Badass Jeep Tour Chronicles” extolling the cool vibe of the place, I think it may go on my Bucket list!

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