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Ever been to a restaurant that knocks your socks off? That’s just how I felt about where Richard and I went today – Langdon’s Restaurant & Wine Bar. (And by the way ….just what does that mean, that something knocks your socks off? Really, what would it take to knock somebody’s socks off? And how in the world did this strange phrase make its way into our language? Hmmmm. Well, those are questions for some other blog. Let’s get back to food talk).

Take my word for it – Langdon’s is a dang good place. Tucked into an unassuming strip mall in Mount P., we were pleasantly surprised at the beautiful interior of this restaurant. It was sleek and modern, with attractive artwork throughout. We arrived right at 11:30am, and the restaurant really filled up as the lunch hour progressed. Quite a popular lunch spot! The hostess quickly seated us in a comfortable booth and provided us with lunch and wine menus. Our server soon approached, took our drink orders, and explained the daily specials. It was Friday and neither of us was working so hey – wine time! We each had a glass of an Argentinian Malbec that went nicely with the rest of our meal. And so there we were at Langdon’s for lunch on a summer Friday….drinking wine, eating good crusty bread, and enjoying the relaxing ambience. How nice is that?

But on to the real food. Richard loves spring rolls, so he just had to order the shrimp and Thai pork spring rolls as an appetizer. These came out good and crispy with a spicy soy dipping sauce, and Richard loved’ em (as in: inhaled ‘em). For his entree, the black skillet tenderloin of beef was callin’ Richard’s name (and the accompanying hand cut fries and caramelized vidalia onion demi glace screamed out to him, too). Richard was so pleased with his meal, stating that Langdon’s really knows how to properly cook a steak and fry up some fries. In fact, Richard said Langdon’s fries are some of the very best in Charleson (and believe me, he’s “been around” when it comes to fries in Chucktown). Our server recommended the following entree for me: wok-seared bok choy, shitakes, scallions and peppers over aromatic basmati rice with been tenderloin. Oh my – great recommendation, dude! This stir-fry was perfectly seasoned and beautifully presented. I just loved, loved, loved this Asian-inspired dish.

Now on to the final (and my fave) course: dessert, of course! We had several great options to choose from on the dessert menu. Richard asked about the sorbets and ice creams, and he was so bowled over by all the different varieties that he couldn’t decide. He asked our server to surprise him with something good – and he was not disappointed. Richard was served a gorgeous duo of peach bourbon sorbet and blackberry sorbet. Richard’s comment: “This sure doesn’t suck.” (That’s his highest compliment when it comes to food, BTW). My dessert? No sissy fruit sorbets for me – I go for the REAL DEAL: Vahlrona chocolate cake with ice cream. Oh yum! This dessert was so pretty on the plate, and even better – it tasted great! I honestly can’t recall the ice cream flavor that topped my cake (coffee or espresso, perhaps?) – but I can assure you it was quite delish. I ate every bite of that tasty dessert concoction.

Richard and I will definitely be returning to Langdon’s, and we’ll be sure to bring my Mom next time she’s in town too. The service was just excellent, as was the food and ambience. It’s clearly a local favorite, and that’s just how I heard about it – through the “local grapevine”. Be sure to put this place on your go to list!

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