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Japanese Crepe House

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I was at my computer early this morning, working on a new client’s website, when Lisa popped into the room. She told me to hold out my hand and, when I did, she stuffed a $20 in it. I’m not one to turn down hard cold cash, but I had no idea what precipitated this unexpected windfall. Lisa observed my puzzlement and told me to treat myself to lunch at Japanese Crepe House! What a great surprise!!!

Ever since EP Veg Snob reviewed this restaurant I have been jonesing to try it. Their facebook page talks about a “Thursday Sushi Special” and I began salivating when I read that. I didn’t want to miss out on this limited opportunity so I walked through their door precisely when they open – 1100.

The restaurant is in a little strip mall right next to Ripe which is another of our favorites. Strip mall restaurants tend to be real treasures as the lower rents typically allow them to be more inventive with their offerings. Japanese Crepe House is no exception – this place is a little gem!

My sushi special came in a little to-go box with soy sauce and wasabi which I mixed up in the top of the box. I was initially sad to see they had plastic silverware available, but then I saw that they had chopsticks as well! No plastic for me, not with sushi!!! Those 12 pieces lasted all of a few minutes (it has been a LONG time since I’ve had a sushi treat). So light and yet nicely filling. Some people might not understand how I can rave about ribeye steaks and then be satiated by some sushi (what, no meat???), but I’d bet they’ve never had sushi. Light, delicate, beautiful, and is every bit (maybe more?) as good as a 16 oz medium rare ribeye. If you don’t believe me, then come to Japanese Crepe House and see for yourself!

OK, since this is a crepe house, I just had to get a dessert crepe. I love strawberries so I opted for the Ichigo Crepe. And, for one thin dollar extra, they loaded up a hunk of chocolate ice cream into it as well. It seemed to be a very labor intensive process to make the crepe and I cannot understand how they can be so inexpensive. Check out my pictures of the crepe construction. The end result was one delicious, messy, taste explosion. Nice warm eggy-tasting crepe, cold ice cream buried somewhere inside it and more than plenty of strawberries, cream, and chocolate goop.

The owner and I enjoyed a lengthy in-depth conversation about the different foodways and mix of cultures that is El Paso. If Japanese food is new to you, come on out to Japanese Crepe House and experience it – you likely will find it delightful! If you’re already a fan of Japanese food – well, what are you wating for? Get yourself over here and enjoy!

Japanese Crepe House is located on the northwest at 910 E Redd Rd, El Paso, TX 79912

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