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Hot and Juicy

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Richard first went to Hot and Juicy back in 11/2011, we first moved to El Paso. He had raved about the Pancho Villa hot dog, and about how friendly the place was. We finally got around to a return trip to Hot and Juicy, this time for the burgers.

Richard said that when he originally visited Hot and Juicy back in 2011, it was on a weekday at lunchtime and was really hopping. We went on a Saturday right when it opened and happened to be their first customers though several others came in during the time we were there. It’s definitely a no-frills atmosphere with a bit of UTEP-themed decor, but that is part of the appeal. This is a place that focuses on the food!

I went up to the counter to place our order: a Border Burger, a Southwestern Burger, onion rings, and two drinks. Our grand total came to less than $15. I got our drinks from the drink machine, then Richard and I relaxed in a table by the window while we waited for our lunch. The food is made to order, and after a couple of minutes it arrived at our table.

The burgers were yummy! They were served in a basket with lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles, with mustard and ketchup available on each table. These were quarter-pound burgers that were patted out thin with good, irregular edges (no pre-formed burgers here!). My border burger (with American cheese and green chile) was delicious. It was a good-sized burger, and I actually cut it into quarters to make it easier to eat. Of course Richard has a big enough mouth (a true New Yorker he is!) that he had no need to cut up his burger – he shoved the whole thing down in a couple of bites! His Southwestern burger (with green chile, bacon, and asadero cheese) was delicious as well. He said that it was the perfect combination of tastes and textures. We both really loved and appreciated the buttered and toasted burger bun – what a difference that makes! Richard had the onion rings and said that they were good, light, and crispy on the outside and not at all greasy- just like good onion rings should be.

As for that Pancho Villa hot dog that he had in the past – this one is a big boy hot dog that bacon, cheese, chili beans, diced onions and tomato, mustard, ketchup, and mayonnaise. Richard said that the Pancho Villa dog seems to be Hot and Juicy’s take on a Sonoran dog (which he also loves), but the Pancho Villa is a longer, fatter dog and overall much heftier than a Sonoran dog. He said that just like with our burgers and rings, he had to wait a few minutes after ordering it because they made it then and there (and not ahead of time). But he said that it was definitely worth the wait!

Hot and Juicy really hit the spot with a tasty and filling lunch in a casual spot. The folks who run the place are friendly and hard-working, and they obviously draw their clientele from a wide range of people who were clearly repeat customers. What a great place!

Hot and Juicy is on the west side at 6303 N Mesa, El Paso, TX 79912

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  1. Fernando Ruiz says:

    Dear Richard and Lisa. Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a pleasure serving you and know a lot of people read your reviews.
    We try hard every day to prepare the tastiest food for you to enjoy.
    Hope to see you soon.

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