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Halls Chophouse

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Hall’s Chophouse has been one of our downtown Charleston faves ever since it opened. We’ve been many times for dinner and have never, ever been disappointed. With my Mom in town for the July 4 weekend, we figured a trip to Hall’s was in order. We’d been wanting to try out their Sunday gospel brunch, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Reservation made!

Mom, Richard, and I arrived right on time for our 11:30am reservation and were warmly greeted by several members of the Hall family (as always!). We were promptly seated in a comfortable upstairs booth. Our server arrived quickly and was just fantastic throughout the meal. Richard loves good chat with our server, and this guy was just the best with chat and everything else (oh, I wish I’d gotten his name!). We ordered drinks and then pounced on the basket of lovely (and delicious!) popovers brought to our table. I was not a big fan of popovers until this meal, but I’ve been converted. These were some wonderfully puffy and tasty popovers!

What’s nice about Hall’s brunch is that all the regular steaks are available, in addition to a special brunch menu. Richard had been salivating all week for the 45-day dry-aged ribeye that he orders at dinnertime at Hall’s, and that big steak was his brunch choice. Richard was also thrilled that Hall’s has their parmesan truffle french fries available on the brunch menu. So – steak and fries for him! When his meal arrived, he was very pleased, as usual (and the fries disappered quickly, as usual!). I was astonished to see that Richard ate every bite of his steak – that is some steak, apparently! Mom adores salmon, so she ordered the blackened steak salad. She loved her salad and was very complimentary of the salmon. I was still full from a big ol’ dinner the night before, so I went light (for my pre-dessert meal, anyway) by having the Hall’s chop salad. This salad was awesome (and I rarely use the word awesome, but it was quite applicable here). The chop salad was a beautiful mound of peppers, cucumbers, black-eyed peas, bacon, feta cheese, and a green peppercorn-buttermilk dressing. I ordered only the half portion (a real deal at $8), and with my huge popover I was quite satisfied (until the dessert menu arrived, anyway. That got me hungry again).

So – what was on that dessert menu? Oh oh oh! So many good things! While I was tempted by the red velvet cake (always a favorite of mine), our truly excellent server highly recommended the bread pudding. I’ve loved bread pudding ever since my south Louisiana days (Go LSU Tigers!), so I was easily swayed. And I was not disappointed! This wondrous dessert (made from brioche, if memory serves me correctly) was filled with cinnamon and raisins and topped with an excellent praline sauce. And for a bit of relief from all that hot sweet bread pudding, there was a nice little scoop of vanilla ice cream on top (and yes, I needed that relief!). Mmmmmmmmmm – this was one oh-so-good dessert! But wait – we’re not done with dessert yet. Mom ordered the 14-layer chocolate cake (actually, it was 14 layers of yellow cake topped with a fluffy chocolate frosting. Nothin’ wrong with that!!!). It looked incredible (and tasted incredible, per Mom) – I was too busy shoveling down my bread pudding to try it. Richard was very happy with his ice cream, sorbet, and homemade cookies combo (with enough yummy cookies for him to have a cookie doggie bag for home).

We were so pleased by our Sunday brunch at Hall’s. Just like our experiences at dinner, the service and food were just out-of-this-world. And just like at dinner, the Hall family was gracious in greeting us, inquiring about our experience during the meal, and thanking us for coming as we left the restaurant. I like owners who truly care that their guests feel welcomed and enjoy their dining experience. Thank you once again, Hall’s, for a fantastic experience from beginning to end!
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3 Responses to Halls Chophouse

  1. Jane says:

    Love your food blog, Lisa – but it makes me hungry reading it! ;-)

  2. christina says:

    i’m a huge fan of hall’s. i am absolutely obsessed with their blackened salmon salad and their beet salad. sometimes i get both and mix them! :)

  3. Lisa says:

    Oh wow, double salad! I was very impressed with Hall’s chopped salad. Dessert-a-holic that I am, my obsession there is the hummingbird cake (with the bread pudding not far behind).

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