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El Rincon de Gypsy

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We headed out to Socorro, Texas on a Saturday night to have a meal at El Rincon de Gypsy. One of Richard’s Facebook friends, Hector Rangel, told him about this place, describing it as a great combination of “Southwestern flair mixed witha Bohemian vibe”. He was spot on with that description. When we arrived, we were offered our choice of seating by Roger (our wonderful server). We couldn’t resist the patio. The patio itself is a wonderful setting, expansive and relaxing. Roger also gave us a tour of the rest of the building and also gave us lots of information throughout the evening about the history of the place as well as the music playing in the background. It’s a great space, with lots of history and interesting decor all in the manner of “funky and Bohemian”. There is an incredible room that can be reserved for small private parties and dinners. We loved the feel of the place.

Roger informed us that they had a full bar, including several wines. We went with a Chilean pinot noir and were not disappointed. Sitting out there on that relaxing patio, drinking wine and surrounded by interesting decor and great music…..what a fantastic way to spend a Saturday night! But the menu called out our name. The menu is shrimp- and fish-heavy, and particularly those who like shrimp will be impressed with all the choices here. Richard went with the shrimp ceviche for an appetizer, and the coconut shrimp for his entree. I ordered a pasta dish that included shrimp, chicken, and bacon in a spicy, creamy sauce.

Roger brought out some good bread with herb butter, as well as a tasty amuse bouche (shrimp with a sweet sauce, possibly a strawberry sauce). He then brought our salads. The salad greens were very fresh and served with a nice, light vinaigrette. As we were eating, the owner (Gypsy herself!) came by to talk with us and tell us about the place. We saw her throughout the night around the dining room and patio. Richard’s shrimp ceviche came, and it was “incredible……it had a really big taste…..intense”. It looked delish, and it disappeared quickly!

Entree time! And we were not disappointed. Richard’s coconut shrimp was served with rice and some sauteed vegetables. He said that it tasted great and cooked perfectly. He said that the coconut flavor really came through and was served with a tasty sauce. In his opinion, it is the best coconut shrimp in the El Paso area. My pasta was excellent. Roger had told me that this is one of his favorite dishes at El Rincon de Gypsy, and I can understand why. The spicy sauce definitely gave it a kick, and it was a perfect combination of flavors. I ate up every bite!

We were really feeling relaxed and well fed at this point, but we could not resist dessert. Roger recommended the crepe, so we both ordered up one. When they arrived, we were pleased to find a crepe filled with cream and berries, topped with additional cream and berries. This is not usually my type of dessert (I’m more of the chocolate and caramel type), but oh this was so good. Richard was too full to eat all of his and I gladly finished it up.

We had such a nice time at El Rincon de Gypsy. We cannot say enough about the atmosphere…..what a neat place, unlike any other we’ve been to in the area. It was so relaxing and such an interesting use of space and decor. Our server Roger was wonderful in every way, our food was excellent, and Gypsy obviously cares about her space and her food. Roger told us that they had a sold-out special Valentine’s Day dinner, they have live entertainment on Thursday nights, and they’re planning a special Mother’s Day celebration. This is definitely a unique space and a unique place, and we look forward to many more meals there.

El Rincon de Gypsy is located at 10300 Socorro Road.

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  1. Bill McKinney says:

    I saw your blog on an Urbanspoon post about SI Bistro in Las Cruces. I enjoyed reading several of your reviews and look forward to seeing more.

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