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This was a Saturday for checking out some things that have been on our “go to” list for quite a while: the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum (in nearby Las Cruces) and D’Lox (here on the Westside).

The museum was a real gem. There were plenty of great photo ops for Richard (tractors and trucks and moo cows!). There will definitely be a return trip there.

I’m sure another return trip will be made to D’Lox, based on how much we liked our first visit today. We’d heard good things about it, and since it’s so close by it was only a matter of time before we finally made it there. We arrived at around noon and wow…the place was packed! But we were seated right away and made to feel comfortable.

This was a lively but comfortable restaurant, and service was “spot on” the entire time. Our server, Soledad, did not miss a beat and managed to do a splendid job waiting on us and several others tables. We noticed that the restaurant was filled with people of all ages, and we saw lone diners, couples, families, and groups of friends all dining in this attractive restaurant.

Many people were still choosing breakfast dishes, but we opted for the lunch menu. I went with the Kickin’ Chicken Quesadilla and Richard ordered the Cubanito sandwich with Onion Rings. In a surprisingly short amount of time, out came our food.

And oh yum! This was some good stuff! My quesadilla included grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, grilled green onions, and Hatch green chile in grilled tortillas, served with lettuce, fresh avocado, sour cream, and salsa. Everything in this dish was fresh, and it all combined nicely to make one delicious lunch-time dish. The serving was so generous that I didn’t even have room for dessert (believe it or not!).

Richard’s Cubanito was a sandwich to behold. It was a grilled and pressed French baguette layered with spicy mustard, fresh pickles, pickled red onions, slow roasted pulled pork and shaved Black Forest ham. He said that it was “such a complex taste – good and spicy and truly excellent mustard…..possibly one of the best sandwiches in El Paso”. This was one beautiful looking sandwich, and even though I’m not a big meat eater I may have to order this one some time. It looked spectacular! The onion rings were certainly generous in serving size, and they made Richard happy.

Now we know why D’Lox does such a good business. The food and service were excellent, and it’s a comfy and relaxed atmosphere. We’re glad it’s in our neighborhood!

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