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Corralito Steak House

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A co-worker had recommended Corralito Steak House quite a while back, and we just got around to trying it. After a full morning and early afternoon of Saturday errands and fun, it was time to check this place out! We arrived around 1:30pm ,and we were immediately greeted by a hostess. She seated us promptly in a comfortable booth in an attractive dining room that was filled with a real mix of customers, including plenty of families as well what appeared to be couples and groups of friends out for a meal.

Right after being seated, out server Ramon provided menus and took our drink order. Having just come from a great wine tasting down the road (at Zin Valle Vineyards), we opted to go with sodas rather than our usual vino. But the bar menu appeared to be fairly extensive – we will remember that for next time.

After perusing the menu, Richard opted for the bone-in ribeye and a baked potato. I spied the enchiladas on the menu and opted for the beef enchiladas with red sauce, rice, and beans. Soon after ordering, we were provided with tortilla chips and two salsas; I knew how much food was heading my way so opted out, but Richard ate quite a bit of them and said that they were excellent. They appeared freshly fried and he said that the salsas were very tasty.

Not long after, Ramon brought caesar salads for both of us. This was quite a good salad. All too often, salads that come with a meal tend to be bland and boring but this was a very fresh, attractive salad that was nicely seasoned and very good.

Before too long, it was entree time! Man, did these entrees look good. Richard and I agreed that both of our dishes were quite delicious and perfectly seasoned. Richard said that his steak was cooked just as he’d ordered, and even the baked potato that came along with it was done just right. This did not appear to be one of those steamed-in-foil baked taters that had the soul cooked out of it – it appeared to have a good crusty skin (which I personally love), and it even came with a generous sprinkle of bacon on top. My enchiladas were filled to capacity with steak (not ground beef) and even had some additional sliced steak on top of the enchiladas. The red sauce was wonderfully spicy and quite complex-tasting. Kudos to the kitchen for that red sauce! The accompanying rice and beans were tasty as well.

Richard knew his limits, so he turned down dessert. But you know me – I have no limits when it’s dessert time! I ordered the cheesecake with strawberries and was not disappointed. I’m not sure that the cheesecake is homemade, but even if it is not it’s a very high-quality, rich and creamy cheesecake served in a generous portion. I certainly enjoyed it!

Richard and I were both very pleased with Corralito Steak House. The food was quite a good value when considering the quality, taste, as well as portion size. Parking was easy and plentiful, and it’s on our side of town (making it conventient). The restaurant was quite attractive and comfortable. And the service was excellent. From the hostess who greeted and seated us immediately, to our server Ramon (who was always on top of things and gave spot-on recommendations) to the manager (who stopped by our table to inquire how we liked everything and also talked with us again on the way out) – excellent! It was the perfect place to go for a hearty and tasty meal on this Saturday afternoon.

Corralito Steak House is located in the Upper Valley at 5800 Doniphan El Paso, TX 79932

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