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Cattleman’s Steakhouse

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When I arrived in El Paso, Richard had already unloaded a big ol’ chunk of our belongings (thank you, thank you!!!). But I had some unpacking to do. And thank goodness, at long last, the move was DONE. Yeah!

In honor of that Texas-sized accomplishment, we had to go out and have us a meal. And I mean BIG MEAL!

I knew just where we needed to go. I’d read about this place called Cattleman’s Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch. It’s located in Fabens, which is about a 35-40 minute drive from El Paso. We drove and drove, until we were in what appeared to be the middle of nowhere (maybe because it was the middle of nowhere).

And then, there it was. Cattleman’s Steakhouse was right there in front of us. Oh what a place! We drove into the entrance, and then we drove and drove some more. Finally, we saw it – a big, bad (in a good way) Texas steakhouse. As we got out of the car, a coyote trotted across the parking lot. Hmmmm – I knew we were in for something good!

We didn’t even make it in the door before a friendly gentleman walking behind us chatted us up and welcomed us to El Paso. Once in the door, we were seated in a wonderful room-with-a-view. Our view was not only of fantastic old West this and that, but also of the gorgeous desert and mountains that surround the ranch. Like I said – a room with a view!

We were immediately greeted by our “cocktail waitress” who took our drink order (2 glasses of cabernet sauvignon, please!). Soon after, Richard ordered (while salivating) the fire-grilled sausage, along with the rib eye. I was craving a good burger, so I requested the ranch burger. Before we knew it, Richard’s sausage arrived and wow – he went on and on and on about how great that was. He also really enjoyed his steak which came with coleslaw, beans, and corn on the cob. He especially loved the corn. My burger was perfectly cooked (for me, anyway. I don’t want any pink in my burger!). The ranch fries needed some salt, but after some salt shaker action were a good accompaniment.

Time for dessert – Richard just had to order the queen of Sheba, which is touted as their house specialty dessert. It was right up his alley – frozen layers of vanilla and chocolate with a cherry surprise buried at the bottom. My pecan pie (topped with vanilla ice cream at my request, of course) was quite excellent with plenty of pecans and just the right amount of sweetness (and that vanilla ice cream “cuts the sweet” of course. Gotta have that!).

As we left Cattleman’s, we felt like we had really had not just a meal but an “experience”. We did not even get to tour the grounds and all the sites that there are to see at Cattleman’s Ranch. We were just too tired – the move (and the major Texas-sized lunch) did us in! But that just means we’ll have to go again to see (and eat) all the other things that Cattleman’s Steakhouse has to offer.

Cattleman’s is located at 3450 S Fabens Carlsbad Rd Fabens, TX 79838

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