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Carnitas Queretaro (West Side on Mesa)

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I got off work at 3pm on a Saturday, and I hadn’t eaten lunch. I was starving! And Richard and I were ready for some Mexican. Where to go? We headed to Carnitas Queretaro, the one near us on the Westside. Since moving to El Paso we’d had several people recommend it to us. So it was time to give it a try.

It’s located in an old Pizza Hut, and there didn’t appear to have been much decor update since the old Pizza Hut days. But we were there for the food, so atmosphere was second fiddle.

We did notice the place to be surprisingly busy for a weird time of day, and filled with families eating a casual meal out together. No wine for me here – they only serve beer. Oh well. On to the food.

Our server was efficient and brought menus as well as salsa, pico de gallo and tortilla chips. I didn’t have any but Richard ate the whole bowl full and said they were quite tasty and spicy-good.

Richard had to go for the restaurant namesake: The Queretaro Plate. This entree included the house specialty of pork carnitas and came with rice, refried beans, and corn tortillas. At our server’s suggestion, I ordered a dish that was new to the menu: Cheese Enchipotladas (three cheese enchiladas dipped in a creamy choipotle sauce served with rice and beans).

Our meals arrived fairly quickly, and they were generously portioned and looked delicious. Richard was bowled over by the carnitas. He said that the pig was incredibly good and “tasted just like it came from the pig farm….moist and just delicious.” He is typically not a big fan of corn tortillas or beans, but I noticed that he scarfed those right up (along with his rice).

I really enjoyed my enchipotladas. This was true comfort food, with a kick. The enchipotladas were cheesy and creamy, but the chipotle certainly added spice. The rice and beans were nicely seasoned and a great accompaniment to the spicy enchipotladas. As big as my entree was, I have to admit that I ate every single bite. Mmmmm!

I know this is hard to believe, but I did not get dessert. Yep, I know you don’t believe me but it’s true. And were were headed in that direction – Richard had his eye on the pieapple empanadas, and I’d scoped out several cakes and cheesecake on the menu. But alas, our stomachs were already way too full. Dessert there will have to wait for another day

I’m sure we will return to Carnitas Queretaro. It’s convenient, relatively fast, inexpensive and tasty!

Carnitas Queretaro is located at 6516 North Mesa Street El Paso, TX 79912 (west side)

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2 Responses to Carnitas Queretaro (West Side on Mesa)

  1. Sarah says:

    Carnitas Queretaro was our first Mexican food when we arrived in El Paso last year. We really enjoyed it too! I get frequent cravings for the carnitas platter, haha.

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