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Básico Bistro+Café

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Richard and I had been wanting to try out Basico Bistro+Cafe for quite a while, and we finally got the chance. We had an early Saturday night dinner there, and we had a very nice experience. We had made a reservation, and a nice table sat waiting for us, indicating it was reserved just for us.

We really liked the atmosphere. It’s a fairly small restaurant with an airy, open feel. There is a small dining area inside (with an open kitchen in the back), as well as a patio out front. We sat inside, but the doors to the outside were open and a nice breeze came in throughout our meal.

Immediately after being seated, we were greeted by our server Eunice. She was very attentive throughout our meal, and she did an excellent job. We ordered glasses of the house red wine and then checked out the menu.

The menu is not huge, but it had plenty of things that sounded good (and judging from the looks and smells of meals being served to others, we knew good things were in store). Richard can never resist a good steak frites, so he had to get that. I debated among a couple different things, but in the end I ordered the fettucini with sun dried tomato pesto, topped with grilled chicken.

As we waited for our entrees, we enjoyed our wine and some rolls. The rolls were good and tasted freshly made. I loved that they served the rolls with what appeared to be real butter.

Soon enough, out entrees arrived. Richard’s steak and fries were certainly a generous portion, and he said that the fries were excellent and the steak was perfectly cooked and seasoned. He even said that the mushroom accompaniment was good (quite a positive comment from him, as he usually leaves fungus untouched!). One difficulty was that he wasn’t provided a steak knife, but amazingly soon after he made a comment to me about this a steak knife suddenly appeared (along with some yummy aioli sauce for his fries)!

My pasta and chicken were quite good. My only complaint was that it was served lukewarm – had it been served hot, it would have been fantastic. Like the steak, it was perfectly seasoned and was quite a tasty dish.

None of the desserts really tempted Richard, but you know me….I am always tempted. I went with the tres leches cake, and I was not disappointed. This tres leches cake was truly delicious, from start to finish. I was sad when it ran out!

We were glad to finally make it to Basico Bisto+Cafe. We enjoyed the atmosphere and the service and certainly the food.

Basico is on the west side in the Coronado Tower at 6006 North Mesa St

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