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I stepped off the plane in El Paso, TX and my first meal was right down the street from our new home – at Barriga’s Sunland Park. Richard wanted Mexican, by gosh, and so Mexican it was. And what an appropriate culinary introduction to our new hometown!

We arrived at Barrigas at around 2pm on a Thursday afternoon, but there were still quite a few people arriving and eating (even as we left). After being seated at a comfortable booth, our young and very friendly server arrived. His English was a bit limited, and he immediately went and obtained assistance so that our ordering process went smoothly.

I of course had a glass of cabernet sauvignon to celebrate my arrival in El Paso! The restaurant decor was festive, Richard and I were back together (after he took care of the “big move” for us), and life was good – much to celebrate.

When our food arrived, we had even more to be happy about! Richard had the Arrachera (skirt steak with Barrigas own seasoning), which came with a baked potato, some plant matter, and tortillas. He said it was wonderful, and judging by the speed with which he scarfed it all down – I believe him (“it sure was good” – his quote). I’m a big mole fan, and I could not resist ordering the chicken mole. The mole was delicious with a complex combo of flavors all in one, just as a good mole should be. The beans and rice were delish as well.

What was also delish was my tres cake – mmmmmm! I do love tres leches cake, and this version was a good one. Richard ordered vanilla ice cream, and Barrigas dressed it up with chocolate sauce and even a cherry on top.

What a great place to begin our new life here in El Paso! Our servers were gracious, the setting was nice and comfortable, and the food was excellent. We’ll be back!

Barriga’s is located at 664 Sunland Park Drive El Paso, TX 79912 (west side)

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